A world glimpsed through a window in 2003 has become the setting for several RPG campaigns, and 4 attempts at crafting this vast and fantastical world into text. Now, for the first time, the narrative arc has taken shape and the structure of this three-book narrative is coming into existence.

Kingdom Of Realm is a high-fantasy fiction novel written in both prose and epistolary styles. Intermixed with the gripping narrative arc are letters written by people living in the Kingdom; letters that many or may not have ever reached their intended destination. The contrast of the advancing story and the glimpses into the nature of the world the characters reside is described and articulated in this truly unique format.

After an amalgamation of the various narrative experiments, a story and the characters within it have finally coalesced. Here, on this blog, the story will be told, chapter by chapter, at no cost to the public.