The Planet, Continent and Moons

In this world, the Southern Spiral is a land bathed in eternal light, with the measure of time set by the changing color of the Stream. The crops grow strong and the eye of Realm sees far, but south of the lush arm of land extending into the Trader’s bay, the seas run hot, storms are violent and the soil burns.

The Trader’s Fold, at the equatorial region, is a place between light and darkness. Many of the free cities are here, and has always been a at the twilight of conflict across the Kingdom. Forever temperate and the gateway to the bitter and shrouded lands to the north. The Fold has a history of independence, but strife affects those here just as much as those that live under the protection of Realm.

In the endless darkness of the Wastes and the Frozen Range, a vast continent lies unexplored by Humans, but not uninhabited. Here the cold is just another creature hunting in the darkness. The Ranges are the tallest point on the continent, and they are blanketed in glistening ice and jagged with splintered rock. Creatures of unimaginable terror dwell in the eternal darkness of this inhospitable land, alongside the Tor, who call the cold and hostile Wastes their home.

All is told by the Stream, and those who live on this world are set to its “daily” clock. A brighter Stream by “day” and a bluer, darker Stream by “night.” Shifters can feel the onset of these changes in energy, and Humans are set to it in a sort of circadian rhythm.

Two moons travel around this tidally locked world, the Bandit Moon, small, white and lingers in the sky, and the Blood Moon, larger, red and passing through phases half as quickly as it’s brother. The moons are little more than shadowy visitors in the constant light of the southern lands, but fierce wardens of the deep, starry northern wastes. Intervals of time in the calendar of the Kingdom are set in the phases of the Blood Moon, which represent 40 days before passing onto the next cycle. The Bandit Moon takes twice as long to cycle through its phases. These moons display most vibrantly the farther north traveled, but are still very much a part of the sky in the Southern Spiral.

The Bandit Moon
Smaller, cratered and white. Named because it is hard to see in the southern lands, and only briefly reveals itself in the sky for a short time as it sneaks away.
The Blood Moon
Dusty, red and much larger. The Tor believe it is the place of banishment for the unworthy dead, the dreadful beasts and hunters who slay them and eat their flesh. The Blood Moon’s color reminds of the price of taking life, and is very visible in both the northern and southern lands. However, it’s color can best be seen when farther north than the line of light and darkness.