Royal Houses of Realm

Once descended directly from the Blood of Kings, generations of mediocrity have led most to be Houses in name only, lacking substantive achievement to tie them to glory. However, for some, the Blood is still as strong as it was the day the first men set foot on the Kingdom’s shores. Wherever the children of these noble houses are born, they all have a chance to have an impact.

Ruling Houses

Adarda:  This was one of many houses that chose to split at the time of the fall of Zenik’s Keep. Some went to the South and became a ruling house of Realm, while others became protectors of the Trader’s Fold. Mainly, this house is known for its wealth and agricultural knowledge which had a huge impact on the development of Realm. In the Fold, they are apt blacksmiths, capable armorers and weaponsmiths.

Alwitter: Once represented in the throne room of Realm, they are now exiled to their island for fear of a fatal contagion spreading to other nobles on the mainland. Despite such a decree from Realm, many traders and travelers go to and from the island and Teayl is as vibrant a city as when it was first founded.

Bethel: This house chose to divide, but more of them went to Realm than stayed with those who founded Siegecrest. They keep the records, write texts and some of the finest scribes of Naruna are from house Bethel. Their granaries in Bethelson are the largest in the Kingdom and they are the primary food supplier of Realm and the City itself.

Devora: These members of the council do not actually have a city inside the borders of Realm. Devoron is just outside the control of the Red Army, and thus, would seem to promote the status of Devoron as a free city of the Fold. Realm often leans on Devoron to negotiate terms and agreements, and as a result, the members of this house serve as well-rewarded negotiators, diplomats and have representatives across many large cities of the Kingdom.

Dorain: The current ruling house, and has been for several generations. Dorain lords were some of the fiercest warriors and capable explorers in the early days of expansion. The current High Lord of Realm has recently created a bridge between his ancient line and house Kyrone. Dorian patriarchs have always been firm and just, but in recent years, denuded while seeming to sag in their bones and not stand strong as they once did.

Kyrone: The house of secrets, whispers and, ultimately, power. For many generations, they have enslaved Bessan Shifters who are born in Realm and use them to spy on other noble houses. Jeshans are executed as soon as they are discovered, for the Kyrone have learned they cannot be enslaved. They sell the farsight and observational services of their Shifter slaves to the highest bidder, which is often times the Crown.

RedwineA house that went entirely to the South, but still had some of worth rise up from among them. Despite their inclination for indulgence, they have the finest sea captains and shipwrights in all the Trader’s Bay. While their temperate city is a luxurious paradise, their worth has been proved many times over in battle on the Trader’s Bay. 

VorsicaA proud line of Knights, split at the fall of the Kingdom. Some went on to rule in the South and in the Trader’s Fold, and their city of Vorsica Tower stands guard at the border of Realm. They have retained their strength despite living a life under the shadow of a fallen empire. In the Trader’s Fold, Vorsica’s name is still well known, and proudly, amongst the Last Knights of Realm. 

Lesser Houses

Escardian: It is believed the entirety of this house and many others made a pact with the Barbarians and established a colony somewhere in the deep North. They and their kin have not been seen since the earliest days of the Kingdom, but rumour of their city somewhere in the far reaches of the north still persist.

Islay: Long ago respected as proven leaders in Siegecrest, they are among the boldest and bravest of the Guardians. They have risen and fallen in number through the years, as the times became leaner. Some of their kindred went south, and more of them retained their nobility as soldiers in the Trader’s Fold. 

Mayron: An ancient house built on the power of Shifters and the breeding of them. When tolerance for Shifters was purged from Realm, they were exiled from their homes and “disgraced.” They continue a program of breeding and mixing of blood to create stronger Shifters, and they have established themselves for millennia in Strayalis.

Morgoune: They are similar to the Kyrone, but they do not promote the enslavement of Shifters. They keep and sell the whispers of the Trader’s Fold from city to city. Agents of this house also help information travel across the Kingdom by maintaining pigeon rookeries in many cities and locations. 

Wyndolyn: Poets, thinkers and artists, this house helped to inspire a great expansion of knowledge in the early days of the Academy in Naruna. Because of their enthusiasm, the foundations of the most comprehensive library in all the Kingdom became reality, along with a vast sum of creative art and writing. They then assisted the Shifters who created Strayalis, the Sea of Grass and temples dedicated to art, creativity and the power of the Stream.