Stories of Realm – July 2018

I will be releasing some short stories that occur within the Realm universe, if not having anything to do with the novel itself. Consider these independent of the main narrative, and only provide a “taste” of certain aspects of the universe. Nothing contained in the short stories will parallel or approximate events that take place in the novel.

I am working through the editing and proofing, but the first of them should be released by early July. Stay tuned for some content!

The Story Begins – December 2018

Come with us on a journey through the vast and perilous landscape of the Kingdom. My narrative is a high-fantasy fiction is like no other that has come before, with the characters and unpacking of the plot provided by a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. See the About section for more details.

4 heroes will rise to face the challenges of the days ahead, and their story unfolds here.

Check the menus above for content prior to the release of the story itself, and get caught up on the basics of this universe.

Introduction and Prologue

Regions of the Kingdom

Nations, Cities and Factions

Noble Houses of Realm

To those who come to listen, I hope you enjoy imagining it as much as I have.

I look forward to the release of Chapter 1 in a few months. Thank you all, and I hope you find this epic tale entertaining.