Stories Of The Kingdom

I have been working in the universe that the events of my novel will take place in for some time (more than a year), having completed 6 short stories with a plan for at least 10 or more before beginning work on the novel. These vignettes are not a part of the story arc that my main narrative will encompass, but are instead a trip down the road of “what if.”

I use these short stories to cope with my own emotions at this trying time in my life, as well as expand my writing ability, understanding, skill and technique. I continue to revisit and rewrite a lot of this content as the years go by. The short stories that will be published as posts on this site should be thought of as unique glimpses in to parallel realities that transpire within the context of the KoR universe, but will not ruin the fun and adventure of the actual story once it is produced.

So, as I promised about a year ago, and have tried to live up to, I present the Stories Of The Kingdom: each to be published in the order that they were written, revised and now republished. I hope you enjoy them, and I’d appreciate your feedback if you have any.

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