Regions of the Kingdom

The Kingdom is divided into regions; each with their own unique people, cities and beliefs. The story of this world is told through the blending of its vast diversity.


The Southern Spiral: One of the last places the Human migration expanded into during the early days of discovery, and subsequently, the environment that attracted many other people to it from across the Kingdom. The City of Realm is the metropolitan centerpiece of this well-populated region and has stood for 9,500 years. Initially designated the western capital of Realm, it rapidly became more populous and prestigious than its eastern counterpart. It took the status as sole capital From Zenik’s Keep a mere 250 years after it was founded. Tens of millions live in and around the City, and even more in the surrounding towns and other large urban centers. The Nation of Realm is all that remains of the Kingdom that once ruled all corners of this continent. Now with a border running through the Southern Ranges and anchored by a defensive river crossing at Vorsica Tower, this timid shadow is all that remains of a once proud empire.

Western Trader’s Fold: A land that stretches from the Southern Ranges to the area near the road south from the foot of the Ranges. The oppression of Realm drove these cities to independence and accelerated the collapse of the organized Kingdom of Realm. In the years after, the Trader’s Fold has been ruled by the fierce, devious, and eventually, the brave. The Last Knights of Realm uphold the Old Way, and risk their lives to protect the people of this region who’s only desire is to live a life unburdened of the constant fear of death. In the free cities, many philosophers and theologians came to find their voices, while some began peaceful movements which began to drive curiosity-based ideas about the Human/Shifter relationship to the Stream. This, in turn, led to the development of places like Vale, where Shifters and Humans push the boundaries of what is perceived to be possible.

Eastern Trader’s Fold: In this part of the Fold, the trade epicenter of Cheed and the great library of the Academy at Naruna are but a week’s travel by sea along the coast. Also, the old capital city of the first Kingdom of Realm, Zenik’s Keep, was founded on the eastern shore. Where that proud city was built is the very place where Humans and Shifters first came to the Kingdom, in their tattered ships, having fled across the unknown sea for years from a homeland that had been reduced to ruin. However, when the Kingdom of Realm collapsed, the men who still had the Blood of Kings in their veins went north and built Siegecrest. The Last Knights of Realm patrol the Fold with their cavalry and soldiers, to make sure that the people stay safe.

The Trader’s Bay: Home of the Blue Fleet (The Last Knight’s Navy), a peacekeeping armada that monitors the northern half of the bay, while the Royal Navy of Realm has responsibility for the southern waters. Together, it is the only place where the Last Knights and Realm are not in direct opposition to each other. Jeshan and Bessan Shifters on fast sea vessels can make for spectacular if not catastrophic naval warfare, and only the very finest of Shifters ever make it to the deck of a Blue Fleet warship. Most of the travel in the Kingdom is done by sailing ship, since Shifters can propel vessels much faster than any horse or caravan.

The Northern Wastes / Frozen Range: Here, the natives of this continent, the Tor, or, Barbarians have made their home. They are much larger and stronger than any Human, and they must be to thrive as they do in the brutal landscape of the perpetual dark and cold of this land. Humans who venture there do not survive if alone, and those that do have told a generation’s worth of stories, detailing the numerous horrors of the Wastes. In the teeth of the Range, Humans are not hunters, they are hunted… and there are a few creatures which have acquired a taste for their flesh. The Barbarians never gave much thought to living in the southern lands. They viewed these areas as unfit for large game and better for farming and idleness. The Tor are among the most persistent hunters, because they are the alphas in a viciously competitive environment.


Shard Isles: Once discovered, a seemingly endless wealth of minerals and gems were harvested and mined in the rich mountainous hillsides. For those that are brave enough to survive the conditions, the rewards are massive. Humans and Barbarians keep a relative peace in their “sanctuary” city of Sharadar, for the wealth to be had is best harvested if cooperation is the relationship that prevails and not conflict.

The Burning Islands: The strange cannibals that live here do so without the interference of the outside world. For many generations they have inbred among themselves, accepted no visitors, and sought to mine “The Red” from the iron-hard landscape of their home. At first, The Red could not be handled or worked by any known means. In time, the people of these islands persevered, melting and reforming it into devastating weapons in the Blood Forge. Many generations in the early years of the forging made some of the most legendary arms ever known to have existed in the history of the Kingdom.

The Crown: Deep in the Frozen North, there is a strange but massive cove, rimmed like a cracked bowl, by small mountains. Within the protection of the peaks, a bay of relative calm is secured in an otherwise foreboding landscape. Humans have built cities here as part of a full-scale iron mining operation which began at the height of the Kingdom and has been going on since. The land being too precious to surrender, they ship huge sums of resources out through the port at Skreet. Vessels laden raw materials sail south along the western coast.

Lake Miro: The people who live here find it among the more peaceful places in the Kingdom, caught between the stunning northern mountains and the deep, placid water. Lake Miro is the home of the Miroviathan, a large monster which resides deep in the dark chasms in the center. Once, in the first days, this creature awoke and consumed the first settlers who had constructed their city too close to the shore.

Serrated Valley: Where the black city of Vale was built, a place of much Shifting significance. Long has the Vale sought to explore the furthest expanses of Shifting power, without the moral limitations of the Academy hindering them. The master Shifters and their Scryers have expanded the knowledge and potential of Shifting to unforeseen reaches.

The Sea of Grass: A landscape 1,000 miles in diameter which was created by 50 of the most powerful master Shifters that ever lived, back in the earliest days of expansion. This Shifter-empowered, massive geologic feature exists to protect their capital city of Strayalis and all the free Shifters who are allowed to enter unmolested. It is, otherwise, an impenetrable defensive barrier. Since its creation, no army, or unaccompanied Human has ever walked into the Sea of Grass and come out alive on the other side in Strayalis.

Eastern Swamplands: In the southern end of the eastern side of the continent, the temperature climbs and the wet storms from the Ink Sea bombard the land. Revealed is a vast mire with stable islands interconnected by fetid bogs. Like a Kijj of the east, shady, dangerous and often powerful figures can be seen conspiring together in the town of Witchery. Agents of fate argue and ration the future of the Kingdom over cooked serpent and pig’s blood wine.

Alwitter Island: Home of house Alwitter, and the site of a horrible outbreak of a vicious and still unknown disease which, nearly purged the population of this house and all the people on the island. Prince Lorica Alwitter survived his mother, father and sister, who died in Teayl while he was at sea. He would never see any of them again as the bodies of all the people of Alwitter Island were burned to ash by the Kyrone.