Introduction and Prologue

In this reality, the energy of existence is bound together through something physically present on the ground; veins of branching, ethereal, radiant light. The Stream reaches out to all corners of the Kingdom, to every landscape and far under the sea.  This ever-present reminder of the energy of life connects  all things both real and conceptual, though, Humans are not able to interact with or seemingly gain any benefit from it. However, for a rare few that are born mostly to Human parents, Shifters have the ability to harness the power of the Stream to work feats both great and small. A mastery of this energy that can be gentle enough to heal a wound, or explosive enough to change the landscape permanently for miles.

Two classes of Shifter exist: Jeshan Shifters have a mastery of the physical realm: stones, trees, dirt, water and most all material things that exist or could exist are under the control of these Shifters. They are dangerous if undisciplined, because their power can cause immense devastation without control. Bessan Shifters are the masters of the ethereal: fire, wind, thought, command, farsight and the future are all within the reach of this type of Shifter. They are not as inherently dangerous, but their power can be truly great if channeled properly.

The natives of this land, the Tor (Barbarians, as they are known), lived on the Kingdom long before the first Humans and Shifters arrived in their ships, more than 10,000 years ago. Since then, nations have risen and fallen. Heroes have done great deeds, and perished with honor. The history of the Kingdom is written in words of strife, suffering, but ultimately, redemption.


Until very recently, there had been a sort of equilibrium across the continent, with no wars being waged, no attacks by the Anten, and peace that had lasted nearly a millennium. Then, the Shifters of Vale poured the might of their collective power into an attempt to glimpse the future through the power of the Stream and what they witnessed echoed outward across the enture Kingdom. The vision all living creatures saw that day with their mind’s eye was a portent of doom and a look forward at what will bring about the end of all life in the Kingdom (if things go on unchanged):


A shadowy figure walks through the snowy wood, a glowing crystalline bastard sword sheathed on its back

It glides through the trees, then out, revealing a slope down for miles to a snowy bay and a city… beside the frozen coast

The shadow walks to the down to the shore, Shifts the waters of the bay aside to reveal a path across the wet seafloor

Some distance into the bay, there is a huge, pitted, black stone sunk in the mud with pure white Stream running vibrantly out of it, pulsing with radiant energy

The shadowy figure brings the sword high over its head, and the great blade fills with bright light while vibrating and engorging with power

The figure plunges the sword into the heart off the pulsing white Stream, and then, a blinding flash–

Across the Kingdom, the Stream explodes violently, toppling cities, shattering landscapes and setting the entire continent ablaze… there are none who survive


Who will rise to meet the challenges of these darkening days? As a Kingdom stares down its doom, heroes must emerge to fight back against a fate that has not yet been written. The future is theirs to decide, if they take action now. These heroes must bring the whole Kingdom together, because divided, there can be no hope of salvation.